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don’t tag anyone in California in the ALS challenge


UNLESS YOU KNOW that they can afford to donate the $100.

We are in the middle of a HUGE drought and water/energy bills are expected to spike in the next couple of months. If you’re still going to do it, stand over some plants that you would have watered anyway.

SUPPORT THE ALS CAUSE but do not support wasting water in the middle of a drought that’s only getting worse.


guys this super cute black girl came in my store with big, beautiful, natural hair and she was showing off her new red dress and i told her “you look so beautiful, just like annie!” and she and her mom didn’t know about the new movie coming out so i showed her the trailer and she said “mommy she looks just like me!” and her smile was so fucking huge

don’t tell me representation isn’t important





Disney’s tribute to Robin Williams at the end of Aladdin. 

That’s… actually really beautiful.  Well done, Disney.

I actually watched Aladdin on Disney Channel a few days ago and not only did they show this image at the end of the film but they showed the entire movie completely commercial free. That’s how much they appreciated him.

Well done Disney, well done.

Now that’s some grade A respect from Disney right there.

Split Ends


Because I really wanted to continue writing DRAMAtical lesbians. Hopefully more are to come. Until then, have some nonsense Kounoi like it hasn’t been done 286492 times before.

Series: DRAMAtical Murder
Pairing: Koujaku/Noiz
Genre: Fluff/Domestic
SummaryKoujaku can’t stand looking at Noiz’s bird’s nest any longer and decides to cut her hair.
Notes: Femslash!
read on ao3 

It had bothered Koujaku for weeks. Dead ends on top of split ends, uneven layers in a tangled heap of wheat blond. Now, there were at least fifty things Koujaku held against Noiz, but the fact that the brat’s hair was in such a deplorable condition was something Koujaku would never forgive her for while it remained unfixed. Her pride as a hairdresser would not stand for it, and no matter how much Noiz got under her skin, she had to do something about it.

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Eris?? Goddess of chaos strife and discord?? more like Goddess of animated hairporn jesus lord just look at it.

The animators descried her hair as silk in water~



Eris?? Goddess of chaos strife and discord?? more like Goddess of animated hairporn jesus lord just look at it.

The animators descried her hair as silk in water~

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The: I Realized I Had A Second Set Of DMMd Phone Charms That I Won’t Use Giveaway :0
basically just what it says i already have a set on my phone and i found this and? ? ?? it needs a new home
hte rules:
-only reblogs
-dont have to follow
-i will ship anywhere ayy
-one winner gets the entire set

i think thats it tbh let me know if i forgot smth idk its just a small giveaway nothin big so ye
it ends Aug 22 on friday at 11:59pm EST so basically midnight
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Tiny dragons with colourful scales living in trees and feeding on fruits and flowers’ nectar 

Bioluminescent aquatic dragons roaming in the abyss and scaring the hell out of sailors

Fluffy dream dragons capable of feeling when children are having nightmares and materializing into their room to cuddle with them

Giant, old as the universe dragons exploring space, needing nothing but starlight to survive



❝ Just because this place is engulfed in light...doesn't mean there was never darkness

Welcome to simplexsomium, where the Pandora Hearts characters have assimilated into life as we know it. They are interspersed throughout the world and have never officially met. The point of this roleplay is for these characters to come together in the city Reveille (whether they’ve lived there all their lives or are just beginning to live there)—and form their bonds all over again. 

However…though the canon events have never taken place in this universe, the characters dream of them. Just who are they and what do they have to do with the Tragedy of Sablier? 

The paper on which this story is to be written is white and new. Where the story will go is up to you. 

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Oh, a truck knocked down wires down my street.

That explains the yellow tape and the cops


“Those of us who stand outside of this society’s definition of acceptable women; those of us who have been forged in the crucibles of difference — those of us who are poor, who are lesbians, who are Black, who are older — know that survival is not an academic skill. It is learning how to stand alone, unpopular and sometimes reviled, and how to make common cause with those others identified as outside the structures in order to define and seek a world in which we can all flourish.”


Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider

"Survival is not an academic skill." "Survival is not an academic skill." "Survival is not an academic skill."

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