Floating on the waters

Hello! Welcome to my personal blog, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

If you wish for something to be tagged, please drop me a message, and I will immediately do so. My being on your dash is an experience that I wish to be a comfortable one.

I am still working on organization of this blog, so it is a work-in-progress...

I didn’t know which to publish, so might as well post both of them.

The top one took the most time, I will give it these words:

"A birth of a new demon is soon coming yet it wears the mask of the hollowed out shell of a human man wishing for the return of his goddess.

It will be some time before we find that your fourth birth will be the one where you shall either be the champion of those of a misfortunate fate or shall be the champion that will at give them the kiss of death that they have long since wished for.

Your third birth marked you for the path of destruction against your innocence that was proven during your first and second birth.

For this we shall hope that you will be born a demon with the highest hopes and dreams, and that your free will will be returned to you once more.

Those that walked before you are waiting for you on the other side, the ones that breathed life into your soul, and hopefully this reunion will last for all of eternity.

We wish you well, Oz.”

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